Week 1 on the new land


It has been 14 years since we first started praying for our own land, the place to call our ‘forever’ home (on this earth at least)!

The month of July has started and that means we celebrate the start of YWAM San Jose. It was 14 years ago this month that we set foot on Costa Rican soil to establish this work of Youth With A Mission in the capital of Costa Rica. God has spoken to us back in 1999 and in July 2004 it became a reality.

Now 14 years later we have started our first week in the place. We have set up two operations centers in two rental homes.

This is the big house where we eat, have class and have our meetings
This is the ‘smaller’ house where we have offices, meeting space and hospitality rooms

Yes, God has blessed us with two homes literally meters away from our new land with a view ON and OVER the land. So every time I get to come to work I get to look out over the promised land and pray His purposes to be fulfilled as I look out over it! Isn’t that amazing! Want to come do the same? Email us today at info@ywamsj.org!

Adjustment Week

This first week there is a lot of adjustments, while also building a home with a visiting team, getting ready to receive our first DTS in the new place (yes we keep going) and also still moving things from the other property for which we have the month of July.

DTS Classroom getting prepared – can’t forget the map

So much to adjust! From eating in a nicely set up dining area, to eating in a tent on a dirty floor. It is all part of the adventure of moving and pioneering in the new land and we are not even on the land with our dining area, but this gives us a pretty good idea of what it means to be re-pioneering!! The weather is a little cooler also so we will have to wear jackets and sweaters a bit more often.

Our new dining area – come and join us for a meal!!

So here we are adjusting to our new surroundings while also moving forward with permits, moving containers onto the new land! Our brave guys will be moving into the containers and will be housed officially on the new land. Pray we get permits quickly to build because we will need more suitable housing for them!!

We are ready to keep moving forward. Will you continue to pray for us as we close this month and hand in the keys of the ‘old’ place so we can fully focus on what the ‘new’ will bring us?

Giacomo & Edgar standing by the containers on the new land

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A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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