New roof, no leaks

Over the past week we have been so very blessed by the team from Jessup Church in Maryland. This was their 5th year comin over the summer and blessing our nation with their service.

This year they came to help install new roofs on our containerville housing!

About 9 years ago we purchased containers for relief work during the aftermath of the earthquake about an hour away from the capital.

After the relief work was done, we brought the containers to our facility and turned them into staff and student housing.

One of our missionaries officially named it “Containerville” and even made a sign for it.

The roof since it’s beginnings has been needing some much needed upgrade and this past week our containers have now received this upgrade.

We are so grateful as our containers will now officially go into their version 2.0!!!

But for version 2.0 to be completed we still need the inside done also. Want to come give us a hand and give our male missionaries a nicer home before we build our new dorms? Send us a note and come down to help for a few weeks…

Missionaries don’t only preach the gospel through evangelism they also preach it through serving in the most practical needs! Wether we build a house for a needy family or fix a roof to house more missionaries, it’s all for the expansion of His kingdom.

Come and join us for a few weeks…

Email us today!

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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