Twenty years today

I remember this day as if it was yesterday! I flew to Costa Rica 5 weeks before the wedding. With my wedding dress as my hand luggage I stepped foot into an adventure I would have never guessed would take me to where we have been over the past 20 years!

The morning of our wedding the day started early. The sun comes up early here in Costa Rica (every day)…

Many people were in the house running around with preparations. Even the baker making the wedding cake was at the house finishing this beautiful cake that in the end we ended up bringing home again as we never cut it at the reception (hahaha)!!

We did cut the cake with a few us who came back home, before we headed on our honeymoon!

A week later we were on our way to Holland to prepare for the second wedding in Holland! Some of the advantages of marrying cross-culturally is getting to have two weddings in two different counties! We had around 150 people at both weddings!

Flying back to Holland again with my wedding dress was a joy as I got to wear it twice (making sure the money spent on it was well spent)!

At the alter here in Costa Rica I more or less understood what was being said but praise the Lord it was being translated to English. I really tried to say “I do” in Spanish but I was to embarrassed to make a mistake….

Nevertheless we are 20 years later and now I know how to say “I do” in my new language!!

It has been quite the journey, with all kinds of challenges but here we are, ready for the next 20 years!

Many of you have walked this journey with us and we are so grateful for your friendship and being part of our lives!

Though we are from two totally different backgrounds, countries and cultures, God puts people together for His purposes and that is what He did with us! It has been a journey of learning and growing in many ways and we still are in that process…

Our love has grown, has been challenged, has been tested and we are coming out a bit stronger every time…!

Here is to the next 20 years…will you walk alongside of us in this journey, in prayer, in friendship and partners in the ministry!

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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