Good soil for proper growth

Week 2 has begun after a full first week of understanding our heritage as a YWAM tribe and learning about, what we in YWAM call the ‘Belief tree’.

How do we make decisions and what do we build our lives on as believers. We should build our lives on nothing less than Jesus Christ. He is the Truth!

Want to know the truth that sets you free? Get to know Jesus….

The foundations of your life, the way you make decisions all come from that which you plant seeds in – soil!

Remember Matthew 13, the parable of the sower? Remember what happened to the seed that did not fall in fertile soil?

We need fertile soil to have good fruit!

We need truth to produce like kind fruit! The truth is a person – simple! Jesus is the truth, the way and the life!

So after looking at the soil of our lives, the roots which represent our beliefs, the trunk which represent our values, the branches which represent our decisions and the fruit which represents our actions…..

Now in WEEK 2…we go back to the soil once again and make sure that what we have in that soil is actually truth.

So we are taking about God’s character and Nature! Who is God? How does He act? Why does He act that way? Who are we?

So many questions so much to process!! So good!!

All that and more….laying a good foundation is crucial for proper growth!

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

4 thoughts on “Good soil for proper growth

  1. Reading these items again is so very helpful. I know so much yet i know so little, It in a way does not really matter because i feel that Jesus/God Knows me and that is quite incredible. Thanks for the help and encouragemnet.


    1. Yes He does know us which is truly a wonderful thing. Be blessed as you continue to ask Him for greater understanding.


  2. in the course of time, one may find out that the soil in ones life is not always good stuff ?? certainly John 6. 44/45 is valuable and the idea that God is at work in ones life to bring one to Jesus is amazing, Jesus then of course reveals GOD to us. Not all at once ? i guess some of us are quicker to learn, Paul ??


    1. Yes absolutely, certainly not all at once but what a wonderful thing that we have Holy Spirit to lead us into all the truth and Jesus showing us the Father. Changing soil is a great process.


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