Let it rain……

The last time I have been this cold was when our son was born in December 2004. Wind was howling around the house, rain was hitting the windows and we would not come out of the house very much. Luca was a newborn and we would all huddle in the bed together to keep warm, including our two year old.

The last days I have been walking around with double sweaters and rain coat, scarf and trying to keep my feet warm with my sloggers (garden shoes against the rain). I mean 15 degrees Celsius at 1200 meters altitude is simply ‘cold’ for me. People call me crazy (I know) but I like to be warm. But I love the mountains more than the beach. I can’t do heat for a long time, so I prefer being a bit chilly, but I do realize I might have to hit the thrift store one of these days to find myself a thicker sweater….

But you know that this kind of weather makes me think about Spiritual rain. Yep, sorry can’t help but seeking for the Spiritual lesson with this down pour of water over us.

The last two weeks have been simply a downpour of Jesus truth over not just my life, but the lives of the students also. We have been confronted with the truth, we have been shown who God is in His Character and His Nature. How is He loving, compassionate, full of mercy, yet also exercises justice. So many things to discover about who God is, yet so full of love towards His children to get to know Him, not just stuff to know about Him. But it is in the knowing more things about Him that His Spirit draws us to know more OF Him.

Some people have so many questions about God but never ask Him to answer them. Why is that we have questions about “God” and we seek in every direction to find answer, but not asking God Himself?

It is like somebody wanting to get to know me and they only talk to my husband, my kids, my friends, my parents or other people that know me, but they never end up talking to me. Funny how that gives them a judgement about who I am, if they never actually took the time to get to know me by talking to me.

Has that ever happened to you, that people think they know you, but they have actually never really taken the time to really get to know you? Annoying right?

Well then why do we do this with God? Why do we make assumptions about who God is or why He does stuff without really getting to know Him, taking the time to talk to Him and spending time with Him to get answers?

I am not saying that the questions you have about God are easy, they probably are not, they are probably deep and very raw and real. That is ok, God wants our questions to be real, deep and raw. But whatever you do, give God the honest opportunity to respond in His way.

I love God, why? Because He has shown Himself to me over the past many years, spoken to me personally, shown me his forgiveness, His love, His care, His leadership in my life, His protection, His provision and so much more. But really I love God not only for that, I love Him because the more I get to KNOW Him, the more I admire Him, the more I am in awe of Him, the more I see how merciful He is, how patient and so much more.

Loving God is not about what He does for me that makes me love Him, but simply knowing Him…His Character, His ways, His Nature…..Wow…but really getting to know Him, not what I think I know about Him, or only what people tell me about Him, but personally seeking Him…that is what I love.

Having a God that is personal, who speaks to His children, who lets Himself be found, who allows me to make mistakes, but picks me up and teaches me the right way to walk so I can avoid another mistake.

So when I have seen the rain, felt the rain and see the clouds hanging over the city in the early morning as I drive my kids to school, I say Lord give us more of Your rain. Your Word, Your presence, Your truth. Shower us with all that You have for us until we are drenched in your truth, until our heart and soul are dripping and overflowing with it.

I was reminded this morning of this famous scripture that many of us know so well:

“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45)

Let my heart be full of Your rain (your truth) so that my heart will overflow, my mouth will overflow with words that reflect this truth. So much to learn, but Lord I ask that You would bring on the Spiritual Rain in my life!!!

“Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23


Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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