Full weekend and full week

After days of much rain we had two beautiful sunny days over the weekend. Though we did not really get to sit outside and enjoy the sun directly we got to have a beautiful time as a YWAM San Jose legal board for two days.

Some of you might say how is a legalboard meeting a beautiful time? Well when you spend it with people who all love the Lord and want to see His kingdom come on earth it is a beautiful thing to discuss the things He is doing in the ministry.

We walked the new land together, prayed and strategized on how we can see this developed.

Full days of meeting, planning, praying and thanking God for His goodness in our lives and ministry and embracing this new and challenging season ahead of us.

How wonderful to have a beautiful place to meet with a view of the new land!

Full Week ahead

It is week 3 of the Discipleship Training School that I am giving leadership to with a great team around me. This week we se learning about the work and person of Holy Spirit with a wonderful friend from YWAM Orlando but who served around 14 years in Eastern Europe.

What a total blessing to have Cindy Hunt with us and hearing her strories as we ask God for revelation about what He wants is to see. We read the Word, learned about Jesus being 100% human and yet fully God and how Jesus always did what the Father showed him. There is lots of learning going on and we as leaders are included in that learning!

I love the DTS and sitting in the classes everyday (besides my role as campus director) has given me a whole new passion again for the DTS! Twenty two lives who came to be trained and equipped, to grow in their walk with the Lord, their understanding of who He is and to get ready to make Him known!!!

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A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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