Over the past few days YWAM Missionaries from all over Centra America came together to be encouraged, equipped, refreshed and renewed. Many years ago when Youth With A Mission started in Central America there were just a hand-full of full time missionaries. Now there are multiple training centers and ministries locations around all of Central America. From Guatemala to Panama, multiple expressions were represented in the conference that took place in El Salvador from Oct. 17-20th 2018.

JUCUM Centro America

Giacomo represented our family as I (Marjolein) stayed home with he kids as well as the DTS that is in full swing here at our training location in San Jose.

Paul Childers, Campus Director of the Kona Hawaii training location was the main speaker during the conference and encouraged our ywam-ers to not give up and keep moving forward with the dreams of God to reach the unreached, to provide innovative ways to present the gospel and think ‘outside’ the box, or was is it ‘inside’ a box.

University in a box

Something that has been developing in YWAM over the past months has been the concept of bringing education to the unreached and places where many kids do not have access to education. So our founder together with others came up with the concept of covering a shipping container into a mobile classroom, completely outfitted to be shipped and transported to difficult places where children don’t have easy access to education. So we bring it to them.

University in a box containerAt this moment we are working together with a local company to outfit two containers and make them into classrooms, completely outfitted with internet and computers to take into the rural areas of Costa Rica to be able to offer computer classes, internet as a tool to receive education and of course bring the message of the Gospel and raise up a new generation of world leaders who know Christ, follow Christ and live according to His ways in every sphere of society!! Want to know how you can help with this project, contact Giacomo at to support this project!!


Another way we are seeing multiplication is not only with the growth in new training locations in Central America and sending more Latinos out into the world as full time missionaries, we are also seeing multiplication by the land that God provided for us. Since June 2018 we moved onto the land that God had spoken to us about as YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica!! It is absolutely amazing and we have been working hard with architects and developers to come up with the right plan to see this amazing land developed into a University of the Nations Campus, training and equipping missionaries from around the world to go into all the world and who will step into the different spheres of society to bring the kingdom of God to our communities, cities and nations.


This past weekend we took another step forward in laying out the Master Plan for the land and envisioning multiplication coming to where we can hold anywhere between 800-1000 missionaries on our land!!! Version 1 was already drawn out, now we looked at it again, talked more in detail about the needs and the topography of the land and started looking at the different needs and where everything could possible go. It was a full weekend of learning many new things, but also dreaming and praying that God would provide us with the permits and the finances to see this development come to reality!!


We believe we made a great step forward this weekend. There are many moving parts and elements that go into the development and design of a big piece of land so we are learning, but we are trusting the Lord to continue to bring us people who have the skills, the expertise, the word of the Lord to come behind this project in prayer and with finances to see this land become a place where many thousands can come and be trained, equipped and send out.

Thank you for being part of this great adventure and for standing with us as a family and ministry to see the Kingdom of God advance through transformed lives who will practice what they have learned and apply the truth that they have received.

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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