Another Uber driver heard me out

So according to my daughter, I preach to every Uber driver.

“No way,” I told her I don’t, or do I?

The next time I took a trip (in January) to the airport in an Uber, I caught myself sharing the depth of my relationship with Jesus with my driver.

I guess she was right!!! And I love it!!

So today was no exception…catching a ride at 3am is always an interesting thing.

Most drivers are either not fully awake or they say they are but their driving skills tell me otherwise..

Today our luggage barely fit (and it is just me and my husband). I had to ask him to pull over to change seats so I could sit in the front instead of the back with barely room to breath!

I was stuck between the seat in front, the suitcases (both) and the window, being claustrophobic a bit this was no good, so I made my husband sit back there…yeah really I did 😳😬🤭!!

Now things got serieus….

Let the conversation begin!

After a few short introductions I started rolling off nu questions…

He was not from San Jose and I am not sure he knew hoew to use the Waze app…he scared me a little with his driving actualy.

So he was raised with ‘faith’, nut decided it was not for him. He preferred science and logic, over a ‘being’ somewhere that seemed to ‘unlogical’?

But in the subject of girlfriends, he preferred them ‘Christian’ casuse they were more righteous and nice and better looking.

So I asked him: “So non-believers are not as righteous and nice?”

“Right.” Was his answer.

I responded:

“Did you realize you just called yourself unrighteous, not nice and ugly?”

Silence in the Uber….

Lets just say, I gave him a few things to think about…especially about being in realtionships with woman for what he gets from them, but is not willing to give anything in return…

Needless to say, I shared niet heart and we had a good conversation. Have a nice day sir and “Dios te bendiga.” (God bless you)

Another Uber driver who had to deal with a conversation from me!!

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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