Provision for 500+ families

On Tuesday a team of 9 left for Talamanca, an indigenous reservation in the jungle of Costa Rica situated on the Panama-Costa Rica border. The purpose? To hand out food to 170 families who are struggling to be able to provide the essentials for their families.

Two weeks ago a desire was born in the heart of a few to be part of providing not only families in need with the food they need, but also helping local farmers and those who grow the food we eat on our table every day. He prayed and started searching for ways to do both. Help the local economy as well as provide for families in need.

Over 500 food bags, packed and ready to be delivered

Because of amazing partnerships with a local business as well as other YWAM locations around the country and the connections that our very own YWAM staff have in different regions of Costa Rica (such as Talamanca as they are from there), a total of 530 food bags were able to be packaged this past weekend and these past two days 170 of those were handed out to families in this protected reservation where not many people can come, but God made a way where there is no way.

Local farmers join in

Not only did a local business help get this project started, but local farmers and those who grow food in the same Talamanca region were part of providing the necessary food to distribute to more than just themselves.

harvesting plantains to give away

Plantains, yuca and other products were ‘donated’ and in return, they themselves received a bag with more food and those products they provided will also go to families in Guanacaste (the Northern Region of Costa Rica bordering with Nicaragua) as well as families in need in the capital of San Jose.

Generosity is not based on what you have, but all based on an attitude of the heart out of what you don’t have. Giving out of your own need.

These farmers have a big need to sell their product to feed their own families, here they are helping provide for other families and return they received what they need most. That is the way the Kingdom works.

The widow with the two coins

“Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

The story of the two coins that this the poor widow put into the offering plate. she gave all she had to live on. She gave out of what she had and that is what we are seeing these people do. Some have plantains and so they give plantains, some have yuca, so they give yuca, some have bananas so they give bananas. The beauty of seeing the resources of God spread around to see His provision come to the table of His people.

But we need everybody to make to possible. We need not only those who help with the finances to buy the other products and gas for the vehicles to get to the families, we also need those who are willing to go and walk in the 90 degree heat to hand these bags out in the midst of a pandemic.

The sphere of the church comes together with the sphere of business and the sphere of family to provide for a ‘real’ need. This is how the Kingdom works.

Guanacaste and San Jose next

Next week food will be distributed in the Norther Region of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste. Both YWAM Liberia and the local church will come together to see more families provided for with some of the fresh produce that was given by the families from Talamanca. One province serving another province. One family serving another family.

In the end this is not only about providing the most necessary for families in need, which is food. It is about building the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Youth With A Mission has a call to be part of doing this, not only through helping distribute food, but building a people through providing education, discipleship and presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ personally to this generation.

YWAM San Jose exists to mobilize, equip and send this generation into their God given destiny. We seek not only to reach people with Gods love, but also help them become disciples of Jesus, educating them in different areas of life such as community development and equipping them to be all God called them to be to see His Kingdom come in their lives, their communities, cities and nation.

Amazing what a bag food can stir up in lives, communities, cities and a nation – for His Glory alone

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A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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