Leadership Training School

What an amazing 3 months. We had an average of 120 people eating 3 meals a day for 3 months. That is over 32000 meals served and guess what over 30.000 cups of coffee as well. Our coffee maker is still alive after all that percolating, now that is miracle.

We had people from 18 nations, some from indigenous tribes from Panama and we spoke more than 10 languages together, what a celebration that was. We learned from one another. We laughed, we danced, we prayed and worshipped. Too much to even mention all that took place.

God deposited new dreams into people’s hearts. New projects were born and will be worked on over the next weeks and months (and possibly years). God stretched us and challenged us to be more like Him, to lead like Him (humble servant) and to make Him known among the nations.

A University of the Nations graduation took place with 11 graduates from 6 different nationalities and all with an Associates or Bachelor of Arts. This is a University that is one of its kind. The UofN as we call it, is a global University that allows you to study in different nations in the time that best suits you. Knowing God and making Him known is what we stand for. It is what we want students to walk away with and what moves them to keep going forward.

Walking alongside a generation to see them walk in the fullness of who God created them to be and sending them forth into the next thing He directs them to do, that is such a beautiful part of what we do. Raising up a generation to love God, know Him and being equipped for the task He has called them for.

These are just a few things that we do here at YWAM/UofN San Jose.

This Leadership Training School is for all YWAM full time missionaries who have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School and have been serving in leadership for a few years and are longing to get further training to lead into the years to come for a particular project the Lord put on their heart. Now is the chance to apply if this is you. The next LTS will happen in YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland in July 2024!!!

Published by Marjolein Coghi

A multicultural, multilingual, multinational missionary family. Following and serving Jesus in Latin America.

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