About us

We are a family of 5 with an international flavor. Representing four different nations within our family alone (Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Nicaragua and Italy). Called as individuals to be a life long missionaries.

Both Giacomo & Marjolein followed God and it took them to Texas in 1996 where they met.

God clearly spoke to both of them that they were meant to be together and that He would use them to go into the nations with His truth. And He has.

In September 1998 they were married, had 3 children (Gioela Oct. 12, 2002/Luca Dec. 30, 2004 and Tessa July 14, 2009).

They moved to San Jose Costa Rica in July 2004 to open a new Campus of Youth With a Mission which they had been preparing for the years previous.

Since 2004 Youth With A Mission San Jose has seen tremendous growth both in seeing people’s lives transformed by the power of the Gospel and the Love of Jesus Christ and is now ready to enter into its next season – the developing of a full University of the Nations campus in the heart of the capital of Costa Rica.

Their travels have taken them all over the world, but the majority of their time they minister in Central America and the Latin speaking world raising up relevant leaders who will bring the truth of the Gospel into every area of society.

They both have a passion for teaching and speaking and love to be involved in the day to day of the ministry. Giacomo covers the general oversight of the ministry, raising funds, speaking in different YWAM Courses around the region, forming part of the International board of the Homes of Hope ministry, while Marjolein keeps busy as the Campus Director and her role as a full time mom.

Both also form part of the International leadership gatherings once a year for YWAM and the University of the Nations on a Global level.

Both Giacomo & Marjolein graduated together, in 2015, with an “Executive Masters in the Arts of Leadership” from the University of the Nations.

Full time ministry is what they are called to as a family and have been serving with Youth With A Mission since 1998 as a family. They continue to live by faith, raising their own support and trusting the Lord to bring partners in the ministry who both support them as a family as well as the ministry God has entrusted to them.

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