Kids Education Fund 2019

Greetings friends,

This 2019 has started off well and since February the kids are now officially in 10th, 8th and 4th grade!!

They are getting big and only 2 more years left before we have a High School graduate in our home!

We continue to trust the Lord for the financial provision for our kids education but we are needing to see a miracle.

As of today April 2019 we are needing $1300 to cover all expenses related to school for this month.

For the past 13 years we have seen Gods faithfulness and we are so thankful for your support in seeing this all covered.

**** Would you consider a one time donation to help cover this month of April, 2019? ****

Donations online are tax deductible for you.

For a ONE-TIME tax deductible donation please use the following link:

** Fill out the form and include names and our special number CG100 **

For recurring gifts please use this link:

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