Help Tessa get a bed

This little one turned 10 in July and is in need of another sleeping solution that gives us also space for a desk.

We want to get her one made and were not able to do this for her birthday but want to ask you to help out in providing this for her. This will help their room be more organized and spacious.

If you want to help get Tessa a bed you can click here for more info on how to give towards this need!

Designs are ready….

Yes, this is getting real exciting as designs are being shaped and finished for our very first building.

God is moving and bringing us not only people to come and serve, but those with the skills to do the designs for our buildings, the help needed with all the permit processes and making sure we follow all the established guidelines but the local government.

Pray with us our construction permits will come through soon so that we can see buildings go up such as this one!!!

How exciting is that!!!

Adventures with teens

July 14th 2019 was the day that we no longer had any children under the age of 10. We officially have only ‘teens’. Although our little Miss Tessa only turned 10, it is quite a milestone for the Coghi clan.

Tessa, Luca & Gioela (10, 14 & 16)

We are so proud of our three kids and so grateful for the gift they are to our family. They are keeping us busy and on our toes and teach us every day what it means to parent in a multi cultural, multi lingual family!!!

God provided for Luca to attend the SST in Tyler, Texas. A missions and training program for teens between the ages of 13-17. Gioela was not able to attend this year due to much work at school, but Luca is enjoying himself as we have not heard much so we like to say “no news, good news, he is having fun”. This photo taken by SST staff proofs it:

photo credit: SST International

Gioela (our 16 year old) started picking up ballet two months ago. Something she has been wanting to do for a while now and we finally decided that this was something she would really enjoy. Well on July 19th with her dance school she formed part of the first performance and it was so beautiful, it made us both cry. She is growing up really fast and it is beautiful to see how much she enjoys this. Here a little photo glimpse of that time:

IMG_8799 2
Dancing a snowflake dance
Fun dance
IMG_8795 2
Grandma and grandpa were able to enjoy the performance also

Our little Tessa had a week long birthday as we were all here and there and is now officially enter into her teen years. Time is going by to quickly, but we are enjoying every stage.


The celebrations have come to an end. This weekend Giacomo will travel to Texas to pick Luca back up and make sure he goes back to school next week.

Our days are filled with preparations for growth, a YWAM Conference coming in September, Mar preparing for leading the Discipleship Training School in September as well as a trip to Cartagena Colombia from August 3-9 for the University of the Nations international. Promoting our YWAM University in Latin America and serving the wide YWAM Body in our region of the world.

What a joy to serve Jesus in this way and spread His love around the globe mobilizing, equipping and sending a new generation into the world.

Till next time….

We signed the papers

On May 31st an historic event happened…

We officially signed for our property….

God has been so good and through the generosity of friends around the world we now own the land!

It truly is a miracle and this is just the beginning..

We are also in the process of hosting a central america conference here on the land, for which we are getting ready.

Dirt is being moved and soon a big tent will go up to host this event while also waiting for the permits to be able to begin construction…

These are exciting times, thank you for being part of it.

A cold afternoon

After a full day of fun and learning about God, the Kings kids group is sitting by the fire listening to their fearless leader Edwin Piedra sharing a devotional before digging into the marshmellows in the fireplace.

I am reminded of the importance of the scripture: “Teach a child in the way it should be and when he/she is old they will not depart from the way.”

Seems like any other day, but on this cold afternoon the Word of God is shared with this new generation and we believe that a new generation of missionaries will arise.

Summer Season of Training

This July one of our teenager (Luca) is desiring to go to Texas for the SST program that they offer there.

Two years ago our eldest, Gioela, did Phase 1 of this training program. Now our 14 year old son, Luca, would like to take this same course.

The dates, July 14-28. Luca has started the necessary fundraiser and washing of cars to raise the money.

He needs to raise $895 each for the program fees as well as the airplane tickets to get there (most likely around $700 each – due to Summer season).

Want more info on SST? CLICK HERE!

Want to read their newsletter? CLICK HERE

Thank you in advance for considering a one time donation (tax-deductible) for our children’s Summer Season of Training program in missions.

Want to make a donation? Use our #CG100 and fill out this online form.


PS: As per May 22nd, 2019 The Lord provided all the necessary funds to cover his program fee and airplane ticket. Thank you friends and all praise to Jesus. God confirms where He wants His children!!!


Ywam School of Writing

As missionaries we serve with a missions movement that equips the workers through the University of the Nations.

This University is called the University of the Nations (, founded in 1978 in Kona, Hawaii.

To enter this University every person starts with a Discipleship Training School, offered at more than 700 different YWAM locations around the globe.

After this DTS, you can choose to continue to study in the area of your interest to better prepare yourself for missionary service in the area of your calling. Gifts and passion.

In YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica we will offer a brand new school this July 2019 called “School of writing”.

So if you have completed a DTS with YWAM and are interested in taken another school with the UofN in the area of writing, then watch this video for more info:

Need more info? Write:

The school will be offered in Spanish and English!

Middle of the night flights

I wonder why I decided to buy a plane ticket that leaves at 1am??

Must be because the deal was amazing and I figured I can handle the lack of sleep…but can my 9 year old, who is with me?

She has been fast asleep since we left at 1am this morning and has continued while waiting on the next flight.

It is not even that far away from Costa Rica to Mazatlan, Mexico, but when you fly at those hours in the night everything gets broken up and you loose that precious sleep that the majority of us really needs!

I just walked into the beauty & health store “the Body Shop” at the Mexico City airport and got offered a cream for puffy eyes and against black circles….


Ok no more night flights from now on…

But then again I like to think that the Gospel message is worth those late nights, or early mornings, right?

When Holy Spitit calls us to get up and pray in the middle of the night, can you obey, knowing you might have somebody make a comment the next day on how exhausted you look?

Is it worth staying up late into the night, take a flight to another country to be able to participate in raising up and equipping the next generation of leaders who will go out with the message of hope?

My answer is yes!!

The disciples of Jesus had a hard time staying awake when Jesus asked them to keep watch, that one important night.

Sometimes we struggle with staying awake when Jesus asks us to pray, intercede, travel….

But keep in mind that what you do is spiritual warfare! It is worth so much more than you think..

So bring on the comments on my sleepy face and bags under my eyes, I am about to participate in seeing a new wave of missionaries released, who cares about sleep!!! (Well maybe I do a little bit 😉)

Something to die for

Brochure sent to me in 1995, written by Jeff Pratt

In 1996 I embarked on this adventure with God and it was this photo in the middle of a brochure that drew me into applying for this missionary training course.

Jeff Pratt, the director of the course write so well what J was experiencing in my heart.

“Waiting to be invaded by a fresh, relevant wave of the life that is Christ.”

I was captivated, awestruck by these words written on this page, but even more so, the image that is reflected.

Jesus hanging on the cross. While He was hanging there He had the multitudes in mind. And within that multitude was ME. He thought of ME. He thought of YOU.

I could not help but acknowledge a deep confirmation in my spirit that this was the place I had to be.

It was in the middle of the United States of America, Lindale, Texas. It was a place I had never heard of or ever had been.

As a foreign 19 year old from the Netherlands I set foot on a journey that would change my life forever. I would never be the same, the love of Christ, the life of Christ became my passion, my all and it has not changed after 23 years.

Upon arrival that day in late September 1996 I made a decision that He was going to have it all.

On September 28th, 1996 I wrote God a letter:

“Dear God….

I want to let you know why I am taking this course. I really believe you brought me here with a special reason. To be a missionary was not something I had thought of before until a year ago. I believe it was you that put this into my heart and mind.

I desperately want to know you more, know more about you and know what it is you want me to do with my life.

What I hope is that you will touch me so intensely and speak to me so deeply that it makes my relationship with you more meaningful and that I will know and feel you on my side every day……”


A small excerpt from my ‘letter to God’ and how prophetic it was without me understanding that. The prayer was answered. Jesus has become to me more important than any other thing. I have had to fight the darts of the enemy on several occasions in these 23 years, but I have overcome because He in me the hope of glory.

In the world we live in today, 23 years later people are literally laying down their lives almost daily as we watch the news. I pray our hearts of those of us who are in the west truly are embracing the surrendered life to Jesus in a way that He is worthy to be persecuted for.

I pray for the persecuted church, those who are being killed for their faith, churches being attacked almost weekly because of their faith. Lord have mercy, Lord stretch out your hand over their lives, Lord show us the way forward in this generation. You are worthy, You are worth it.

I have given my life in another nation for the past 23 years, there has been absolute hard times, struggles, learning to hold on to the truth of who Jesus is, but He is all worthy.

Today, hold on to the truth of who Jesus is. He is no longer on the cross, He is alive, but when He was there, he thought of YOU.


Powerful Prayer Tool – Praising Over Pleading

Thought this was so very encouraging and wanted to share it with you today….

Melissa McLaughlin ~ Truthful Grace

grayscale photography of people raising hands Photo by Luis Quintero on

By Melissa McLaughlin

Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected, unwanted situation and watched your mind and emotions spiral into a pit of ceaseless churning negativity?

Have you ever prayed long and hard for something, only to witness that prayer go unanswered and as a result then began to question God’s goodness or God’s love for you?

Have you ever gone through tough times and found yourself wondering where is God in all of this?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you are in good company. The experience of unwelcome twists and turns, unanswered prayers and difficult seasons are part of life, even for the most committed followers of Christ.

Maybe you prayed for your loved one’s healing and here you sit weeping at the funeral. Maybe you sought the Lord for guidance about the new job or…

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