Middle of the night flights

I wonder why I decided to buy a plane ticket that leaves at 1am??

Must be because the deal was amazing and I figured I can handle the lack of sleep…but can my 9 year old, who is with me?

She has been fast asleep since we left at 1am this morning and has continued while waiting on the next flight.

It is not even that far away from Costa Rica to Mazatlan, Mexico, but when you fly at those hours in the night everything gets broken up and you loose that precious sleep that the majority of us really needs!

I just walked into the beauty & health store “the Body Shop” at the Mexico City airport and got offered a cream for puffy eyes and against black circles….


Ok no more night flights from now on…

But then again I like to think that the Gospel message is worth those late nights, or early mornings, right?

When Holy Spitit calls us to get up and pray in the middle of the night, can you obey, knowing you might have somebody make a comment the next day on how exhausted you look?

Is it worth staying up late into the night, take a flight to another country to be able to participate in raising up and equipping the next generation of leaders who will go out with the message of hope?

My answer is yes!!

The disciples of Jesus had a hard time staying awake when Jesus asked them to keep watch, that one important night.

Sometimes we struggle with staying awake when Jesus asks us to pray, intercede, travel….

But keep in mind that what you do is spiritual warfare! It is worth so much more than you think..

So bring on the comments on my sleepy face and bags under my eyes, I am about to participate in seeing a new wave of missionaries released, who cares about sleep!!! (Well maybe I do a little bit 😉)


We all know we have DNA. Just recently I was helping my eldest daughter do an experiment for school in which she was supposed to extract and show her DNA. It was quite fascinating I must say as I had never done this in my high school.

I took a photo of our DNA, which of course could barely be seen with our human eyes, by simple seeing the strand floating in water with a little food coloring. To have an up close look we would need to get a microscope to observe what it is made of.

Well, YWAM has a DNA as well. The way God made us as a mission, the things He spoke to us that are key for our growth, how we grow and the things He has shaped us with.

Sometimes like our human DNA we can’t fully perceive or appreciate this DNA unless we take it under the loop, put it under the microscope so to say.

So this coming week in YWAM Mazatlan, Mexico there will be an event called DNA Infusion led by the founders of YWAM Loren & Darlene Cunningham, with David Hamilton, vice-president of strategic innovation with the University of the Nations as well as several other Global Leaders of the mission who will impart this DNA.

Here is little video of Darlene describing what the DNA is: Darlene on YWAM DNA

Giacomo and I myself get to form a small part of this gathering. We will be leaving this week and fly to Mazatlan and will seek to only inspire new leaders, but also infuse them with the YWAM DNA. 

Why is this important? If we don’t understand why we were called into existence, who we are and what God has given to us, we will not secure the future of our existence and God wants us to continue into the future, to multiply, to expand His kingdom, to reach out to all who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all want to know who we are, what has been placed within us, why we exist, what runs through our veins that God has put there to use for the expansion of His kingdom.

This coming two weeks in Mazatlan we will do just that, discovering together the DNA God has given Youth with a Mission with a new generation of leaders!!

The story passed on

From November 2nd through Nov 13th, Giacomo had the amazing opportunity to participate in a YWAM event that we call DNA Conference. Together with other YWAM global leaders and over 300 participants they were able to share the story, the Words God has spoken to us as a ministry, to our lives and how to carry on that which He has spoken to us.

Giacomo has been processing the word legacy for some weeks now and was able to share this word with these 300 leaders. What are we going to leave behind? What is the legacy that you are born into? What was left to you by your family? What legacy are you yourself creating? Are we being good stewards of the family story and legacy?

Giacomo and I stepped into the legacy and story of God with YWAM in 1995 and 1996 respectively. We did not do anything to receive what God had already done since 1960 through YWAM, but we stepped into a family and by becoming part of the family of Youth With A Mission the story of God with this mission now became our story.

We do not just tell our own story that started in 1995, but we share the story of our family that started in 1960 and before in 1956 when God spoke to Loren Cunningham about the vision of waves of young people going into all the world to preach the gospel. That is the family story we stepped into and is now our story, our legacy.

What are you passing on to the ones God has given to you?

We love serving in Youth With A Mission, we feel that even after 22 years of being in this mission we are barely starting to see the dreams of God growing for Latin America. Our hearts are not just for Costa Rica, but for all of Latin America. To see a new generation raised up to become the leaders of tomorrow who carry the dreams of God, the story God in their hearts.


That is what you are part of as you partner with us, pray for us and join us. We are reaching a new generation, raising up and equipping a new generation of passionate followers of Jesus who become obedient to the call of God on their lives.

Thank you for standing with us in that what the Lord has called us to do. We appreciate your prayers and support.