July 2019

What is coming up….

Lots of exciting things. We are wrapping up the month of July with Giacomo picking up our son in Texas from his summer season of training with YWAM Tyler. We will post photos when we have them as we are not sure if he took any….but from the little we have heard he had a great time.

Marjolein will be teaching on the person and work of Jesus next week in our Discipleship Training School and keeps busy with the every day running of the ministry both logistically as well as getting ready to prepare for leading the September Discipleship Training School.

We will start August with some travel as well. Marjolein will travel to Cartagena where she will join with an International group of leaders from the University of the Nations where we will train and equip staff to be able to lead and staff the courses we offer. This time is called “Uniquip”. She will be there from August 3-9th.

Giacomo will be traveling to YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland where he will join with many others in celebration YWAM’s 50th year celebration since the first training school started there in the heart of Switzerland.

Upon him returning, Marjolein will travel to Curacao on a vision trip. We had airmiles and with the Lord’s very clear guidance Marjolein will be scouting out the land for a possible outreach location for the September DTS as well connecting with a YWAMer to see if we can help launch a ywam work in that island. More exciting news to follow on that.

And if that wasn’t enough, in the middle of all that we are getting ready to host a Central America Staff gathering for all of YWAM in Central America. Coming together at our new property here in San Jose, Costa Rica!! Lots of things going on and we are moving forward with both receiving and sending a new generation of missionaries both into the world as well as into the spheres of society. More news to follow on that.

Here is a map of where we will be traveling for those who are visual learners!!!



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