April 2019

April is on its way and that means our children have already been in school for the pats 3 months.

Their first exam week is done and they keep very busy with studying as these are such important years for them.

What else is coming up for our family in the coming months:

  • YWAM DNA Conference with co-founder Darlene Cunningham. Giacomo, Marjolein and Tessa will be traveling between April 24th – May 8th to Mazatlan, Mexico for this event.
  • Giacomo is keeping busy fundraising for the newly acquired property. May will be another big payment due, so pray for ongoing provision for this payment.

We are needing to see some financial miracles.

  1. Kids school fees for May 2019 ($1200)
  2. Mar’s ongoing fundraising for a better vehicle (have $5000 so far, still need at least another $10.000)
  3. Monthly support to go by at least $700 per month.

If you want to help with any of these needs. CLICK HERE and it will take you to our donation page for further instructions.

The other ways to give would be:

  • Send a check to YWAM, include a separate note stating “for the support of Giacomo & Marjolein Coghi and send to YWAM El Paso, 4444 Edgar Park Ave, El Paso, TX 79904 (this is also tax deductible)
  • Send a donation through paypal using our email: gmcoghi5@gmail.com
  • Send it directly to our Bank of America account (Personal message us for info)

Thank you for considering a one time donation or becoming a monthly supporter for our family and the work in Costa Rica.